Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What's the better way to win a baseball game?

The Rockies beat the Dodgers 5-4 in 10 innings last night after blowing a 4-2 9th-inning lead. Manny Ramirez hit a two-out, two-strike single to tie the game in the 9th, and then Troy Tulowitzki singled with the bases full to knock in the winning run an inning later.

Also: Colorado is 18 games over .500. That's the best record in the history of the franchise. Ever. We find that surprising.

Also No. 2: The Rockies are never going to lose again.

Those are the facts of the game. Now we ask you this hypothetical question: If you were a Rockies fan last night, would you have preferred A. the game end in nine, perhaps with a routine grounder to second, or B. the way it did, with a dramatic walk-off hit?

The case for A: Colorado played a solid game through eight innings, so much so that it had a two-run lead for the 9th. Get three quick, easy outs and the Rocks get a satisfying win and save the bullpen (that had pitched a ton in a 14-inning affair the night before).

The case against A: No heroics. A good, solid win might not stick with the team the way a walk-off does, which could build momentum for the next day's game.

The case for B: A walk-off win is the most exciting, dramatic way to win a game. A team can build on the momentum from that leading to a better series.

The case against B: A blown save can negate a good outing from a starter and nullify a well-played game up to that point. There's nothing more frustrating than giving up a lead in the 9th. Extra innings mean more pitches thrown, more fly balls shagged, etc. A longer game can tax players and hurt the team in the upcoming games.

Our vote goes to A. We're all about a clean, well-played game that ends with no suspense. A 4-2 win with a 1-2-3 9th is nearly a perfect game in our book. We wouldn't have been that excited about last night's Rockies win despite the walk-off dramatics. A blown save followed with an extra-inning win is stress on us and taxed energy on the team that we don't want.

Maybe we're wrong on this. Your opinion, please.


GMoney said...

I love ya, Zach, but the answer is "who gives a shit". A win is a fucking win. And when you are playing in a division as "great" as the NL West, you need them all.

JMC said...

I can see both sides of this argument that GMoney brings up - a win is a win is a win, and any win is a good win. I think the excitement of winning with a walk off is great, but I'd much rather take a walk off that doesn't come after my team blew a late lead. I'll take the clean victory any day.