Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Red Sox movie to become official movie of the commonwealth?

There are bad decisions and horrible ones. This seems to fall somewhere in the middle.
Massachusetts Rep. William Brownsberger hasn't seen "Fever Pitch," but that hasn't stopped him from making a pitch to have the 2005 Red Sox flick starring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon named the official movie of the commonwealth.
All right, Bill. Can we call you Bill? Go see "Fever Pitch." If you then decide to make it an official anything, we'll be shocked.

Jimmy Fallon would be better off writing and Drew Barrymore used to ride the short bus. So to pair them in a romantic comedy around the Red Sox seems like a pretty solid idea. It's about as good of an idea as making a coming-of-age comedy about a peanut butter sandwich. (Jack Black would play the peanut butter, Dane Cook the jelly. Naturally).

[Boston Herald via Ben Maller].

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GMoney said...

I figured that they would go with Men At Work. A story about two garbagemen seems about right.