Thursday, February 19, 2009

An interview with Ken Griffey Jr.

Ken Griffey Jr. is returning to Seattle, the place where his Hall-of-Fame career began. Initial reports had him going to Atlanta, where he'd be closer to his family and the playoffs. Fans are nostalgic. It still rains in Seattle.

The Big Picture: Thanks for joining us, Ken.
Griffey: Sure.

TBP: So you're back in Seattle. Are you aware that it rains there 366 days a year?
Griffey: That's not possible.

TBP: I once tried to trade a Steve Sax Donruss card for your Upper Deck rookie card. Do you find that insulting?
Griffey: Not really.

TBP: Fans are thrilled that you're coming back to Seattle. Do you think they'll be over the excitement when the Mariners lose 100 games?
Griffey: Maybe.

TBP: You once called Jay Buhner a Confederate-flag-flying hick. Why did you do that?
Griffey: I never did that.

TBP: Don Wakamatsu is the new Mariners coach. Can you fucking believe that?
Griffey: I'm not sure.

TBP: Did Harold Reynolds ever give you an innocuous hug?
Griffey: No.
TBP: Did he stare at you in the shower?
Griffey: No.

TBP: Starbucks just had a massive round of layoffs. Do you think it's because the Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino is a gay drink?
Griffey: No.

TBP: Your career has been a mess since you left Seattle. Maybe you shouldn't have fucking left.
Griffey: Are you going to ask a question?
TBP: No.

TBP: You played with Alex Rodriguez. Did you ever give him an injection in the ass?
Griffey: No.

TBP: The sun rarely shines in Seattle. Do you think you might get Seasonal Affect Disorder?
Griffey: That's not really a concern of mine.

TBP: Did you like Nirvana?
Griffey: Not really.

TBP: That's kind of messed up about Kurt Cobain.
Griffey: That was like 15 years ago.
TBP: Did you cry?
Griffey: No.

TBP: Do you think Ichiro likes sushi?
Griffey: I'm not sure.

TBP: Are you pretty pissed the Kingdome's gone?
Griffey: Kind of, I guess.

TBP: When the team loses 100 games, do you think you'll be a finger-pointer?
Griffey: No.

TBP: Thanks for taking the time.
Griffey: All right.

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GMoney said...

I would have asked him about the affects of guzzling brain tonic.