Wednesday, February 04, 2009

As long as Pete Carroll is at USC, will the Trojans ever fall?

As the high-school class of '09 signs away their lives for the next four years (maybe three if you're lucky), the top talent seems to be heading to the same schools as always.

USC, as of late Tuesday, was No. 3 according to Rivals (behind LSU and Ohio State) and had more five-star recruits (5) than any other school.

The LA Times speculates that the Trojans are too good for their own good and may lose possible commits because the depth charts are too clogged. Good problem to have, if you ask us.

The better question though is: will USC ever fall?

With a dynamic coach, a world-renown city and a wealth of talent in its backyard, what's it gonna take for USC to come down a level?

The only thing we can think of -- aside from Carroll leaving which ain't gonna happen -- is a major violation that leads to probation. And with the Reggie Bush thing swept under the rug, that doesn't seem too likely.


GMoney said...

Yes, they will fall for two reasons that will hit close to home for TBP:

1. Steve
2. Sarkisian

Obviously, that is sarcasm. And obviously, the LA Times needs a clue for thinking that being too good is a bad thing.

HM said...

Michael Floyd was a 4-star receiver recruit from St. Paul, Minnesota. He received dozens of scholarship offers. He inquired at USC and Pete told him that he MIGHT offer him a scholarship IF Michael came to USC's high school player camp and impressed him.

Floyd did not go. He went to Notre Dame and had a great year. I think he will be better than any receiver USC has. This story is similar to how Dean Smith lost Grant Hill and Bobby Hurley to Duke -- Dean basically told them to wait b/c he had better guys he hadn't heard from.

So, that is the "risk" -- that you make wrong decisions and lose even better guys than you get. Notice that Dean Smith's talent pool didn't dry up; he just didn't win a couple MORE titles. Big deal. The risk is finishing top 5 versus #1.