Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Phelpsin' all night long

Obviously the Michael Phelps marijuana situation has been covered ad nauseum, but we discovered one angle that we wanted to share with you, our beloved readers. At the Super Bowl party we attended the other day, some friends of ours were discussing the possibility of doing a little smoking themselves at halftime (sorry Bruce). Being pretty hilarious guys, and having just looked at the famous picture, instead of the usual "bong rip at halftime?" they posed the question as "little Michael Phelpsin' at halftime?"

This got us thinking: what new term could we coin in honor of the greatest American Olympian of our time to refer to smoking weed? Some of our thoughts:

-Doing the 100-meter free
-Hitting the 8 gold medals
-Getting Phelpsed out
-Putting on the Ganja Goggles
-Stretching the Speedo

Here's the other thing: This guy must have a pretty ridiculous lung capacity. He can probably take the hit to end all hits. As someone said on Sunday, he could take a huge rip, swim the length of the pool underwater, come up, and blow perfect rings.

So dear readers, what do you think should be the newest term to refer to getting high? Let's hear it in the comments.

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GMoney said...

Michael Phelps is a fucking loser. I'm better than him at everything!