Thursday, February 12, 2009

L.T. -- no, the one with the drug problem -- to be on Dancing with the Stars

ABC's Dancing with the Stars has announced its eighth-season lineup and it includes two athletes: Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor and a gymnast named Shawn Johnson who you might have heard of if you're a woman or are gay.

They'll join a bunch of people you won't care about and also Denise Richards.

Did you see Wild Things? Denise Richards gets naked it in. Like naked naked. And she tongues Neve Campbell. And Matt Dillon is there, too. Not sure how he really fits in. He's a freakin' guidance counselor. What kind of guidance counselor scores a three way with Denise Richards and Neve Campbell? Usually the only "threesome" a guidance counselor knows is a bottle of whiskey and a 9mm. Anyway, Denise Richards was smoking hot in that movie. Her tits are like perfect. Here's a screengrab (NSFW). See, great tits. She was then married to Charlie Sheen who might have beat her. Maybe it was cheat on her. Might've been both, actually. But he definitely porked her. Two and a Half Men isn't a very good show.

But it's better than Dancing with the Stars. Lawrence Taylor's gonna be on Dancing with the Stars. There's a cocaine joke in there somewhere.


GMoney said...

I am not gay, just a pedophile and I know exactly who Shawn Johnson is...

Anonymous said...

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