Monday, February 09, 2009

Jamal Anderson probably had a lot of fun before he got busted. But shit, he was probably having a sniffing good time. A night of HIGHS and lows.

Jamal Anderson did some drugs. Authorities found out. He got thrown in the slammer. He might be Bubba's bitch. That's unclear at this time.

Remember the Dirty Bird? Chris Chandler led a team to the Super Bowl?! What the fuck.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if ESPN keeps him. Of course they dont.

GMoney said...

Anon, they didn't really use him anyway. And why should they when they have a man as brilliant and self-serving as Cris Carter.

Jazzaholic17 said...

Are all his sponsors going to abandon him ala Phelps.

TBP; where's your coverage on the Rhianna/Chris Brown assault thing? I figured you'd be all over that shit.

The Big Picture said...

ha jazz! i'm about as connected to the hip-hop industry as espn is to the cooking industry.