Thursday, February 12, 2009

Former Central Michigan women's basketball player sues coach for not being a lesbian

There are stories in the sports world that make you pause, scratch your head, maybe your balls too and say, "WHAT THE FUCK?!?"

This one might go beyond all of those. This story out of Mount Pleasant, Mich. is fun for all ages, all ethnicities and all sexualities. OK, maybe not all sexualities.
Central Michigan and its women's basketball coach are being sued by a former player, who claims her heterosexuality was a factor in losing a scholarship after two seasons.

Brooke Heike said she fell out of favor with Sue Guevara immediately after the coach was hired in 2007.

Heike said Guevara told her she wore too much makeup and was not the coach's "type." That meant she wasn't a lesbian, according to a lawsuit filed last week in federal court in Bay City.
We remind you that this is women's hoops, not rugby or field hockey. Straight people need their rights, too, dammit!

Oh. Right. This seems backwards.


The Beautiful Game said...

this is a damn great find dude, you cant find news like this anywhere else

Anonymous said...

Why not. Everybody else can sue.