Thursday, February 12, 2009

An interview with Brett Favre

Brett Favre officially retired Wednesday. Officially. This is the 27th official time he has officially retired. He might actually retire this time. Or he might not. But he could. Though he might not. Officially.

The Big Picture: Thanks for joining us, Brett.
Favre: OK.

TBP: So you're going to retire. Is this because you cost your team a shot at the playoffs?
Favre: No.

TBP: Some have suggested that you were a clubhouse cancer. Did you ever make a racial slur at Thomas Jones?
Favre: No.

TBP: You used to have a drinking problem.
Favre: Yes, that was a dark time for me.
TBP: You were a much better quarterback then. Do you ever drink before a game now?
Favre: No.
TBP: Don't you think you should?
Favre: No.

TBP: You were also addicted to painkillers. Ever try crack?
Favre: No.

TBP: Your wife is pretty hot. Why does she wear pink all the time?
Favre: That's an incredibly insensitive question.

TBP: Remember that time you let Michael Strahan sack you?
Favre: (Laughing). He really got me good.
TBP: That was bullshit man.

TBP: You've dealt with much tragedy in your life. But we heard that you laughed when Ahman Green's cat died. Don't you think that's hypocritical?
Favre: I never did that.

TBP: Media members have said that you didn't like Mike McCarthy because he was fat. Is that true?
Favre: I don't think anybody said that.
TBP: Is it because he has a gay cousin?
Favre: No.

TBP: You played with Reggie White. Did you ever look at him in the shower?
Favre: No.

TBP: Did you stare at Gilbert Brown's fat?
Favre: No.

TBP: Green Bay is a lot different than Mississippi. Did living in Wisconsin fuel your alcohol addiction?
Favre: A little bit, yes.

TBP: Some scary, sad stuff with Roberto Alomar. Do you think Mark Chmura ever did the same thing?
Favre: No.

TBP: Has Chmura ever come on to one of your daughters?
Favre: No.
TBP: Deanna?
Favre: Once.

TBP: After you retire, are you going to play in the NFL again?
Favre: Maybe.


george1964 said...

I hadn't realized Favre's wife was so good looking, in a friend's mom kind of way (if I were 20 years younger, that is). Any chance we'll see her in the current round of "Would you do . . .?"

GMoney said...

I'm shocked. Roberto Alomar's story is not sad, it's hilarious.

The Big Picture has Aids.

The Big Picture said...

anything's possible george!

Max McGee said...

I like this guy Favre, but I wrote a rant about him over at THN.

Dashonn said...

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