Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So, Pitt

We have some strange bias against Pitt. Not really sure why. Maybe Jamie Dixon looked at our cousin the wrong way. Or Levance Fields has something against Jews.

Nonetheless, we like Pitt. We'll often pull for them in that "We've been in the top five all season yet can play the underdog card" kind of way. But we just don't see them as a legit Final Four team.

Perhaps we should rethink that after the Panthers went into Hartford and took out top-ranked UConn.

Pitt has the inside presence (Dajaun Blair 22 and 23! Sam Young 25 points!), senior leadership in the backcourt (three-year starter Levance Fields) and tourney experience (seven-straight appearances) to be a major threat in March. Also, skeptics point at Pitt's frontcourt which isn't terribly tall (Blair is 6-7, Young 6-6 and Tyrell Biggs 6-8) yet neutralized 7-3 behemoth Hasheem Thabeet, who is lucky to still have a left arm.

We still don't think Pitt is a Final Four team. No real reason. Just a gut feeling. At 24-2 and no bad losses, Pitt is in great shape to lock up the No. 1 in the East and if the Panthers can win the Big East tourney, perhaps the top overall seed.

Still. It's gonna be Carolina in the end, right?


Ivan said...

there's an old chant that goes around the NYC bars near MSG during the Big East Tournament:

"everyone knows, UConn blows!"

Anonymous said...


rstiles said...

All i know, Duke won't win it

GMoney said...

Correction: LeVance Fields has started for Pitt for 23 straight years. Dude has been there since Reagan was in office.

HM said...

I enjoyed Fields' work on "The White Shadow."

SAT Answer --
Pitt is to college basketball as Georgia is to college football.

Every year someone says that the team at issue (Pitt/Georgia) is great and every year they ultimately prove that they are not. Yet next year Fields (under his current name or some alias) will lead them into the top 5 again, only to lose in the Sweet 16 or before.

The Big Picture said...

+6 for that one GMoney!

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