Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mowwage...Mowwage is wot bwings us together

Hall of Famer Ernie Banks is perhaps the greatest Cub ever and has arguably the best baseball quote in history.

Now he's on his way to getting certified to wed people -- the true Cubbie way.
Legendary Cubbie Ernie Banks was being very foxy loxy while huddling at Harry Caray's eatery last week with former White Sox slugger Ron Kittle, who has a license to marry people.

The kicker: Banks wanted to know how to get certified -- so he could perform wedding ceremonies at Wrigley Field!

This came from Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed who isn't a male sportswriter but rather an aging female columnist who looks like Gary Busey.

This post's headline? The Princess Bride, of course.

[Source: Ben Maller]


Anonymous said...

getting married by Ernie Banks at the friendly confines? damn, how much is THAT gonna cost?

GMoney said...

Isn't getting married by a Cub an omen that divorce is coming?