Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fuck you, Joe Buck. Fuck you

We've had enough. Enough we tell ya. Joe Buck is on our TV set for far too long each Sunday and we're sick and tired of it and him.

The Fox pregame show is a disgusting effort and Buck is 110% why. The guy should really just step in front of a fucking truck.

The boys over at Kissing Suzy Kolber had a nice piece on Buck Tuesday. Pulled some commentary from around the media and the consensus was that Buck sucks worse than a BJ from this chick.

We don't like to rant. We really don't. But Joe Buck just makes us so angry. And we know we've mentioned our distaste for him before, but we had to bring our hate of this man to your attention again. We're by no means violent people, but Buck just makes us want to do mean stuff to him like either this or this (see no. 3).

Buck is so bad, we think he should shoulder the blame for everything that is wrong with this world. War. Blame Buck. Poverty. All his fault. Famine. Guess who? The world would just be a better place without Daddy's Boy.

And just look at this man. He looks like a fucking ventriloquist doll. Something about him...huge head, combed hair, wide smile that says,"I'm better than you, you fucking asshole."

Well guess what, Joe? You're not better than us. Though your pompous-ass should probably be named like Charles Wellington or something fancy sounding like that. Buck is so proper, so arrogant and is happy to tell you that you are inferior to him.

The thought of Buck making money for what he does just boggles the mind. If we were you, Joe, we would look into a witness relocation program. Now.


Dinur said...

Perhaps Joe should be tied to a chair, and forced to watch the Randy Moss fake-mooning of the Lambeau Field crowd over and over, until his self-righteous head falls off.

JMC said...

thank you zach, thank you for saying what so many of us were thinking

twins15 said...

"That is a disgusting act. I'm sorry we had to show it to you on TV. Here's the replay 300,00 times."

First MLB, now he's everywhere for the NFL... just awful.

NFL Adam said...

Cool story link to Kobler, they quote some pretty funny people.

Anonymous said...

Fucking Fuck Joe Fucking Buck! Totally agree with you! He hates on players and is just a fucking dick! Thanks for saying what needed to be said.

Anonymous said...

poor fucking joe buck will you ever make it out of your fathers' shadow

Anonymous said...

Boosy Funk says fucking fuck you joe buck

Anonymous said...

He has two young girls who have recently found your site...nice

Anonymous said...

Good maybe now it confirms how much he sucks in their minds too! What a friggin piece of crap he is.