Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Vegas? Reno? Playoffs?

We have a friend who's going to Vegas soon and that brings up all sorts of fun stuff like slot machines, bottle service and the mafia.

Vegas isn't so much for us. We get scared off from $10 tables and the whole idea of paying $1,000 for a bottle of vodka that ordinarily costs 25 bucks seems illegal in most countries.

But we do like sports. And while sports betting isn't so much our thing, we have many friends who do well in this field, especially football betting, and make enough money to spend 25 bucks on a bottle of alcohol, but not $1,000.

We've hit Reno a few times -- blackjack mainly -- and mainly stay away from the sports book. But we once threw a dollar on the Huskies to win the National Championship. And with about 1,000-1 odds could have made us enough money to, well, pay $1,000 for a bottle of vodka.

You readers must have some good sports gambling stories? Ever get a death threat from a bookie? Win a fortune betting against Washington State? Have the game all but won until a late, meaningless TD cost you hundreds? Your tales in the comments, please.


Bokolis said...

Been retired 12 years. Those stories have retreated to the nether regions of my brain. Good, bad, ugly, crazy and rigged, I've got enough to write a book, but I can't re-tell them out loud. Regardless of whether the statute of limitations has expired, it could only get me in trouble.

GMoney said...

I went 5 and fucking 0 last Sunday betting against nothing but the dregs of the league. Not a story, just some advice...they can't set lines high enough for the Chiefs and Rams.