Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Worse loss?

Two IKEA games Monday. Neither involved teams we care about. We still have a coffee table. Phew. Others might not be as lucky.

1. Syracuse defeats Cornell 10-9 OT in NCAA lacrosse championship:

No. 5 Cornell had defending champs Syracuse on the ropes. The Big Red (their mascot should totally be a big, bad fire truck) led 9-6 with 5:31 to play. The game seemed over. The Cornell players were nearly celebrating on the field, the announcers were saying the next few minutes were all but a formality; the game was over.

But the Orange cut the lead to 9-8 with about two minutes left. Syracuse had its chances in the final minute but TURNED IT OVER with like 25 seconds left. GAME OVER!!!!! THEY'RE BURNING DOWN ITHACA!

But as the Big Red tried to run out the clock, they TURNED IT BACK OVER, Syracuse made two passes -- one nearly intercepted by Cornell -- and tied the game with FOUR SECONDS!!! Dude, HURL THE FUCKING BALL TO THE OTHER END OF THE FIELD. Or throw it in the FUCKING SKY. GAME OVER!

Syracuse finished it off about two minutes into OT and got its second-straight title. Cornell and its fans bought every bottle of whiskey and ever 9mm in all of New England.

Why it's so bad: Huge stage and the game was virtually over.
Why it isn't that horribly awful: Blowing a three-goal lead in five minutes isn't that unreasonable in lacrosse.

2. Indians beat Rays 11-10:

Who says every game doesn't count in baseball?

The Rays jumped out to a 10-0 lead and led 10-2 entering the bottom of the eighth. The Tribe, trailing 10-5 heading to the home half of the ninth, rallied for seven runs and walked off on Victor Martinez's two-run single.

The 10-run comeback is the largest in baseball in over five years.

Why it's so bad: NINE RUNS IN TWO INNINGS! Tampa relievers couldn't manage six outs.
Why it isn't that horribly awful: One of 162.

Worse loss? Debate in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Lacrosse? Absurd mascots? Where are the BABES?

JMC said...

well the Rays' loss is worse because an eight run lead in the 8th is a much bigger and more difficult deficit to overcome - but there's nothing worse than blowing a lead late in a championship game. Giants fans know exactly what I'm talking about.

GMoney said...

Neither is that bad because in the grand scheme of things, lacrosse is a niche sport at best and the baseball game was played between a 4th place team and the worst team in the AL.

Orlando's game 2 loss laughs at these two events.

Bokolis said...

While we can argue that lacrosse is for steroid-up suburban cunts, losing a championship like that is beat-your-wife/girlfriend/sister/dog bad. Well, okay, so was the Rays game. But, while the Rays will be in Cleveland tonight to continue the series, they guys on Cornell will still be beating their wife/girlfriend/sister/dog over that loss. I'm convinced that, 10 years from now, at least one guy on that Cornell team will still be beating his wife/girlfriend/sister/dog over that loss.

rstiles said...

How could the Rays fucking blow that lead with 2 outs in the 9th!!!

They needed one stinking out!!!

But this is coming from a Yankees fan who watched his team blow a 3-0 series lead...

HM said...

Cornell loss was worse. National title chances for an Ivy League club just don't come around that often.

Plus Cornell is less than 100 miles from Syracuse. I don't think that Rays fans will constantly be hounded by Indians fans about the 11-10 regular season loss.

Anonymous said...

Both are just horrible, but the context of the LAX game gives the edge to Cornell. Just brutal.

But if I were a fan of either, I'd be shopping for a new chair, window and religion today.

Anonymous said...

cornell has the worst loss. in a sport thats timed, if your up by that much with that little time left, all you need to do is hold the ball. this was just bad playing.

the rays loss is bad, but teams do come back in baseball (maybe not tp that extent). its not like the pitcher can hold the ball and not pitch, waiting for the game to end.

also, national championship vs. normal game? championship fosho.

Donnie said...

LAcross??? Who cares ???