Monday, May 04, 2009

It's probably the beach balls and the wave: Dodgers a perfect 10-0 at Chavez Ravine

The Dodgers moved to 10-0 at home after completing a four-game sweep over San Diego yesterday. That's a franchise record or something, witnessed by 52,096. About 35,000 of those "fans" thought they were at the beach and the "beach" started in the top of the third and ended in the bottom of the seventh.

Also: The Dodgers have the worst fans in baseball. There, we said it. And fuck you for thinking we're saying that because we like the Giants and hate the fucking Dodgers and hate people who like the Dodgers or think they like the Dodgers or wear Dodgers hats or wear blue and live in L.A.

So fuck off, Dodger fans.

Love Dodger Dogs, though. Those are goooood. But we fucking hate Dodger fans who eat Dodger Dogs.


Bokolis said...

I've always thought that Braves fans were the worst...time to reconsider.

Lamer ballpark gimmick: Beach ball vs foam tomahawk...the tomahawk is a surprisingly good way to burn off nervous energy. Dodger Stadium is not the only place where they pull out the beach ball.

Advantage: Foam tomahawk. It wasn't even their own gimmck. They borrowed it from an institution that produced Cowgirl.

Sure, Dodgers fans show up late and leave early. But, you can't blame them for the games taking a hour longer than they used to. It's Califas, it's LA. They have places to see and people to do, or some shit. Plus, they face the very real possibility that they will return to their homes to find them foreclosed upon. You can't be the worst fan if you love baseball enough to put your home at risk.

Braves fans know nothing about baseball...NOTHING. They are too ignorant to heckle. They guys all look like they'd rather be at a steakhouse or strip club or somewhere where they could make better use of their expense accounts. The women look like they're waiting for a booty call from their cousin.

If they weren't pitted against dumbshit red-state hicks, sticking up for Dodgers fans would trouble me.

GMoney said...

No one is worse than Red Sox fan. I hate you for even thinking otherwise.

gCHOW said...

there are two types of dodger fans. the ones that sit in the field stands and the ones that sit out in the outfield (especially the all-you-can-eat section). i believe your hate should be directed to the latter.

however, you may get stabbed in the parking lot after the game.

JMC said...

gmoney - sox fans are more obnoxious, but at least the care. Dodger fans are awful.

also, never had a dodger dog, never will, but I hear they're overrated.

The Big Picture said...

bokolis makes a very valid point. keep in mind, too, that there were a few years there when braves fans weren't selling out PLAYOFF games.

49er16 said...

As a Giants fan to, I hate the Dodgers also.

Worst fans in MLB!