Monday, May 11, 2009

Why Manny's suspension will help the Dodgers

That headline isn't as crazy as it sounds. The Dodgers could actually benefit from Manny's suspension. Here's why: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

With the $7.7 million Ramirez is forfeiting, the Dodgers will have the money to go get a starting pitcher if things get interesting in the NL West during Manny's absence.

Not that they will.

The Dodgers, sans Ramirez, still have the strongest lineup in the division. By far. Despite being 1-3 since the suspension, the Dodgers have scored five or more runs in three of the four games.

With a 4.5 game lead on the second-place Giants, and 8.5 on everyone else, L.A. will most likely still be in first when Manny returns. And if they are, they'll have $7.7 million they didn't have before, when they were also in first place. Same position in the standings, more money.

Manny's suspension is good for the Dodgers. Fuck.


Mr. Ace said...

Baseball is dead.

JMC said...

way to kill my buzz you fucking ass hole

GMoney said...

Whatever happened to Jason Schmidt? They're still paying him 15 mill, right?

Anonymous said...

also with manny gone, they get to develope their young players

Muddysprings said...

The Dodgers will only save around 3 million because of deferred salary agreements.