Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Life is Average

Lot of great websites out there that nobody has really heard of. And my "nobody," I mean "me," because the only non-sports websites I've heard of usually have the suffix XXX or cumonmyface.

One of those sites that I have heard of is Fuck You, Penguin. I don't think PETA would like this site.

Another was found by Jimmy at Hot Clicks yesterday: It basically has submissions about mundane and average things in someone's life, because, well, most people live average lives.

Here are some to get the ball rolling:

-Today, I thought about taking an alternate route to work but instead took the normal one. My life is average.

-Today, a coworker said, "Have a good one." I said, "Thanks, you too." MLIA.

-Today I ran out of a jar of tomato sauce but found another one in the cupboard. MLIA.

Your MLIA's in the comments as well as other fun sites that nobody's heard of.


rstiles said...

Uhhh, this morning I sat on the can and was expecting a great dump...instead it was mostly gas -- MLIA!!!!

JMC said...

-Yesterday I was out of cereal so I had to make eggs for breakfast instead. MLIA.

-Today I noticed my houseplant was looking a little dry, so I watered it. MLIA.

-Today as I was crossing the street I looked both ways and there was a car coming. So I waited until it passed and then I crossed the street. MLIA.

Mark said...

you haven't been to then you're definitely missing out is also a solid one

Anonymous said...

When my alarm went off this morning, I wanted to hit the snooze button but didn't because it would make me late for the bus. MLIA

The Big Picture said...

great finds mark! i'd heard of those but hadn't visited. very good!