Friday, May 01, 2009

More fun with Barry Zito's Twitter

While just about everyone was tweeting ("twittering" makes so much more sense) about the Bulls-Celtics continuation of The OT Series, our favorite $126 million man was talking about bath soap.

If he continues to pitch decently, though, we'll let him talk about burning incense and lighting aromatic candles to complement his "Lush" bath ball.

Elsewhere in Twitter news, you can follow us here. We talk about masturbation, fecal matter and occasionally sports. It will enrich your life.

It's also neat to be following professional athletes as well as professional porn actresses. Always gotta know what Stormy Daniels' fucking dog is up to.

1 comment:

GMoney said...

Stormy should have won an Oscar for her role in Space Nuts.

TBP on Twitter...sell out.