Friday, May 08, 2009

You know those stupid Snickers ads? Here are some that are slightly less stupid.

From Ramblings of the Unmotivated, via Punte's Twitter, comes some fantastic Photoshop work regarding those stupid as fuck Snickers ads that say shit like Peanutoplis. That shit doesn't even make sense, man. You know how you see monkeys smoking cigars while pounding away at the typewriter in cartoons? Well, those ads weren't written by them. They were written by children who cry on airplanes, unnecessarily long traffic signals and reruns of Laguna Beach.

These ads would be much better in every way. Your favs in the comments.


Frigidevil said...

no way any of those are better than the patrick chewing one....that thing is legendary

GMoney said...

I'm with you, frigidevil, Patrick Chewing still cracks my shit up.