Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here comes the Ticket Mobile

With ticket sales down throughout baseball, marketing and sales departments are getting creative to get more butts in seats. Take the Dodgers' new strategy:
Call it the latest in mobile marketing. In an effort to sell more tickets to minorities, the Los Angeles Dodgers are taking to the streets with a ticket sales truck that next month will begin patrolling Hispanic and Asian neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Fashioned somewhat after the many taco vending trucks that roam the city's streets, the truck is intended to give the Dodgers a presence at shopping areas.
Taco trucks are nearly as good as side-boob and slightly better than chocolate-covered gummi bears. This promotion, albeit creative, would be a zillion times better if your upper-deck-behind-the-left-field-foul-pole seats came with tacos for four.

[Sports Business Journal via Ben Maller]


Bokolis said...

Wait a mean that they actually sell food- not weed, blow, crack or heroin- out of those trucks?

How long until tickets start falling out the back of those trucks? Some Mexican- not knowing about barcodes- is going to hijack that truck thinking he and a 500 of his carnales are going to bum rush Dodger Stadium.

GMoney said...

Nothing says "quality family entertainment" quite like selling tickets out of the back of a taco truck.

JMC said...

that sounds great - if the tickets are as cheap as the tacos

D.O. said...

tacos el grullense 4 life