Monday, May 18, 2009

The 2009 NBA playoffs have seen two of the worst seven-game series ever

I can stretch my arms this high!

This is about as close as we'll get to the NBA Playoffs -- pretty much just to slam them.

Remember the Atlanta-Miami series that finished about two months ago? That seven-game series saw seven lopsided games.

Ending yesterday, the Houston-LA series, which will seem like ancient history by the time the Finals start, saw six of the seven games decided by double-digits. The only game that wasn't was Game 1, which Houston won by eight.

If we cared about the NBA, we would probably analyze how Houston twice beat the Lakers by double digits without Yao and McGrady. An Aaron Brooks-Luis Scola-led team would probably lose 50+ games in the regular season, right?

But hey, two Game 7s! Those series couldn't possibly be bad. Rather, with the NBA, we find the black lining in the silver cloud. Two seven-game series that are just absolute duds. If the NBA playoffs are usually a bane to society, the 2009 edition is responsible for the economic downturn, political turmoil and swine flu.

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GMoney said...

Smile, bitch, because the Celtics getting sent home along with the Bruins and Big Papi may finally be bringing Boston back to where they belong as a shitty sports city.

You will love it when LeBron posterizes Howard and Kobe gets boo'ed out of the gym in Denver.