Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stacey Dales will not settle for Coach, thanks

Bad news for men, penises and us: Stacey Dales is rumored to be out at ESPN.

Deadspin came up with this emailed lead about why Dales, who provides us plenty of traffic when she's on the tube because of this, is likely to leave the World Wide Leader. And it's pretty funny stuff.

(Again, rumored. As in not for sure. Like there's a chance this isn't real. But it might be. But it might not be. But maybe it is!)
"Refused to sign her contract, even though ESPN management repeatedly kept re-offering her a chance to sign. Rumor is she had trouble dealing with the travel stipulations of flying coach; while she watched many of her talent colleagues pile into first class."
She's probably stuck between two dudes who are Mark-Mangino fat and has a crying baby behind her. Naturally, the passenger directly in front of her pushed the seat back all the way and the flight attendant spilled her Diet Coke.

Fucking Coach. C'mon, she was nearly a Would you do... champion. At least give her Business.


Steve from Topeka said...

I've always been a big fan - she flies UTR but has become much better looking over the past 12 months as her exposure on ESPN increased.....Hopefully, if this is true, she'll end up somewhere that is on my cable..

GMoney said...

You would quit, too, if your boss made you work with Paul Maguire.

Anonymous said...

SHe can ride my first class face to all her destinations!!!