Monday, December 01, 2008

Morning Headlines: Civil War

Most mornings, we'll lead off the day with some AM headlines -- but not your traditional ones. Rather we'll focus on one game and write headlines that are completely inconsequential and insignificant to the outcome of the game. We'll give a few examples and then you'll play in the comments. Best headline (read: the one that makes us laugh the hardest) will get a shoutout in this space the next day. We'll provide the box score for the game as that can lend itself to plenty of content. Let's have some fun. The more insignificant, the better!

[Oregon vs. Oregon State box score].

-Masoli efficient as Oregon claims Civil War

-Moevao's INTs prove costly as Beavers drop key game

-Bellotti: 'Defense was the difference'

Your turn.


JMC said...

-weather not a factor as Oregon wins

-clean game in Corvallis, Oregon victorious

-Beavers resplendent in Orange jerseys, lose

Anonymous said...

-civil war over, oregon on top

-beavers get ass raped by ducks

-trojans benefit from beavers ungainly loss

Justin C. Cliburn said...

Oregon State still Oregon State, lose Civil War

als said...

Rodgers' 56 rushing yards not enough, as OSU's Rose Bowl hopes dampen.

Bokolis said...

Ducks, held to under 700 yards total offense, prevail.

Trojans snatch Beavers' flower; Ducks win.

Ducks put on Trojans to deflower Beavers.

Anonymous said...

riley: "quarterback play killed us"

adam said...

Bellotti: 'We don't win that game without Jaison Willaims (1 catch, 35 yards)'

Anonymous said...

Screw you Oregon..because you won we are now subjected to the Buckeyes playing in another BCS game. THanks guys suck..I hope you are forced to wear those ugly unis with the wings on the pads for the rest of your existence.