Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Soccer player does something dumb, prematurely ejaculates ejected

Some English soccer player who probably bangs a hot Page 3 model (link sorta NSFW) set a record for getting ejected three seconds into a game.
A player with English minor league club Chippenham Town has set a record for the fastest-red card in senior soccer when he was sent off for a wild tackle three seconds after kickoff, British media reported on Monday.

Striker David Pratt, 21, was dismissed in a Southern Premier League game against Bashley on Saturday.

The previous fastest sending-off is generally accepted to be 10 seconds for Bologna’s Giuseppe Lorenzo after he struck an opponent in a 1990 Italian league game.

Three seconds! That's fast. The girls to the right wouldn't like that. Hey-o!

Guess three's not a charm. No three's company. Three blind mi...

That was terrible. Sorry.


GMoney said...

That's nothing compared to the story on With Leather yesterday of some English kid getting kicked out of a soccer game and coming back with a chainsaw.

Anonymous said...

Great pic. Each one of the girls should be a would you rather?

The Big Picture said...

i saw that gmoney. hilarious!