Monday, December 29, 2008

Aw fack

Go fack yahself Bahltimawh. And fack you Mahami. Fackin' queehs.

Aw fack it. At least we gawt the Sahwks.


GMoney said...

Peter Robert Casey is gay. I bet he's from Boston.

Anonymous said...

I would never go to a blog named for a guy named Peter Robert Casey. Just like I would never go to Boston.

Fuck them.
I was as happy for my Ravens to make the playoffs as I was to help fuck over those wankers.

Yes, I said wankers.

Anonymous said...

Also, I just found this hilarious Boston Globe article.

"I'm just glad to see New England out, because [expletive] them from last year." -Bart Scott

Fucking priceless.

The Big Picture said...

awesome find, bazooka!

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Anonymous said...

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