Monday, December 01, 2008

Beavers get spread and creamed by Oregon

Haha!. LMFAO!!! LOL!!! But you are MOTHERFUCKING LIARS!!!!

There's absolutely no way that your beaver smells like roses. That's just not true at all. You probably haven't clipped the hedges in four months and you might even be on the rag.

Even if you're cleanly shaven and freshly showered, you're lying. Mainly because no beaver smells like roses. It smells like tuna fish mixed with sour milk. And that's if she's hot. Like a stripper's cooter smells like tuna. And strippers smell wonderful.

So these ladies probably smell like anchovies, cabbage, plain yogurt, sewage, throw up and hot sauce. YOU'RE FROM OREGON!! YOU WEAR BIRKENSTOCKS!!!! UGH!!

Nevertheless, Jacquizz Rodgers or not, the Beaver(s) got bent over and reamed like a piece of road beef. Someone needs to tell OSU coach Mike Riley that 11 defenders are allowed on the field at the same time. Oregon State relinquishing nearly 700 yards to the Ducks says Sun Bowl much louder than it says Rose Bowl.

But if you're an Oregon State fan -- and you're still probably drinking -- getting the shit knocked out of you is probably easier to take than a last-second loss. Anticipation is a better pussy to smell than surprise.

What is clear: Saturday the Beaver stunk.

[Deadspin with the screengrab.]


rstiles said...

I was watching the game and saw those girls with that sign...

I knew someone would have it on their blog on Monday...

Good catch Zach!!!

GMoney said...

Anticipation is a better pussy to smell than surprise.

That is one of the best pieces of advice that I've ever read.