Monday, June 09, 2008

Boston or LA?

We're two games into the 2008 NBA Finals and we still don't know who to root for. As Bay Area fans, we naturally hate LA. As sports fans, we naturally hate Boston.

We don't mind the Celtics as a team, but to hear a Boston fan brag about another championship team would be worse than nails on a chalkboard or The Strokes.

The Lakers are full of European players whose names you can't pronounce and a player who may or may not have taken advantage of a woman who may or may not have consented to him doing that.

So, who to root for?


LA Lakers_________Boston Celtics


celebrities, fair weather, arrive in the 3rd leave in the 7th____________obnoxious, spoiled


Purple and yellow (but not the good kind)_____________________Irish


Nails the bosses daughter______Not actually a doctor


Few lakes________________"Leprechauns" would be better

Music in city

Owned by Sony, Geffen or Capital___________________________"More Than a Feeling"

Other professional teams in city

Dodgers, Trojans___Red Sox, Patriots


San Francisco, East Coast, Biggie______New York, Warwick Davis, Tupac?

TV Shows

Beverly Hills 90210, Joey, Fresh Prince______________Boston Public, Cheers, The Practice

MLS Team

Becks, plural name?_______________defiant, plural name?

Hmm...this has certainly not helped us decide who to root for. Beat LA. Fuck Boston. We're watching tennis or competitive eating.


JMC said...

Kobe already has three rings. Let KG get one finally.

GMoney said...

No, always root against Boston. Even if they are playing the Nazi's, you still pray for them to lose.

Mr. Booze said...

You would root for Al Queda to beat Boston.

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