Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yi Jianlian might be traded

Things I like: mustard seed, ambition, the color "egg shell," subtleties, salmon-colored dress shirts, trade talks, Woodford Reserve, Phish Food, Frank Sinatra.

Things I don't like: mayonnaise, persistence, Tom Clancy novels, sage, Gin and Tonics, R&B, Ikea, audacity, bar soap.

When we first talked about a year ago, I was not so happy to be a Milwaukee Buck. Things got better and I learned the American way, from domestic beer to bratwurst to cheese.

But now, as my name has surfaced in trade talks, I am happy to know I might be leaving Wisconsin. Though I may be traded to Minnesota for the rights to the No. 3 pick in Thursday's draft.

If I could be traded to any NBA city, Minnesota would probably be around 27th on the list. I love accents and those in Minnesota make me smile. I like to smile. But it's cold there and it doesn't have as large of an Asian population as I'd like.

But I do like the Timberwolves' colors. And tapioca pudding.


GMoney said...

Who doesn't enjoy a good subtlety?

JMC said...

zach, where's the NBA draft party?