Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Best: Names in sports

Welcome to "The Best," a new series from the people who brought you "Would You Do," "Blogger Interviews" and "What Really Grinds My Gears."

It's just what it sounds like: what's the best ______? "Best" is such a subjective word and that's really the point -- let's get you guys talking! If this works, there will be intelligent, thoughtful debate on the day's topic. And if it doesn't work, well, back to the drawing board.

Nothing distinguishes a person quite like a name does. It, in a way, defines who we are.

We're known as the guys who have really long, hard-to-pronounce last names. Here's how a typical conversation regarding our name goes:

Typical idiot: Why do you have a dash in your name?
Us: It's called a "hyphen."
Typical idiot: So you have two last names?
Us: No, just one, but it's hyphenated. It's Landres hyphen Schnur.
Typical idiot: How do you say that?
Us: You know what? Forget it. Just forget it.

See, names are fun! And there are a myriad of professional athletes, past and present, with great ones. Here's our take on the best name in sports:

5. Coco Crisp
4. Stubby Clapp
3. Speedy Claxton
2. Quint0n McCracken.
1. God Shammgod

Now you go.


Chris said...

5. Plaxico Burress

4. Dick Butkus

3. Milton Bradley

2. Mookie Wilson

1. Former FSU Reciever De'Cody Fagg

rstiles said...

Honestly, I felt sorry for that Fagg kid from FSU...that kid had to be one tough SOB because he had to be teased so much while growing up...

rstiles said...

- I.M. Hipp - Nebraska rb from the 70s
- Jarvis Redwine - Nebraska rb from the 70s
- Slick Watts - Seattle Supersonic from the 70s

Give me some time, I will come up with more later...

Chris said...

* Dick Trickle of NASCAR fame

JMC said...

Lastings Milledge.

JMC said...

oh and there was this kid that played basketball at UVA while I was there named, get this, Majestic Mapp

GMoney said...

Three of my favorites from college hoops:

Reuben Boumtje-Boumtje - G'Town
Pops Mensah-Bonsu - GW
Duany Duany - Wisconsin I think

Bokolis said...

Boubacar Aw has to be up there.

Two from minor league baseball:
Keltavious Jones - Dayton Dragons (A)
Henry Henry VSL Pirates (Rok) - never trust a man with two first names.

rstiles said...

- Dick Button - figure skater

- Shug Jordan (pronounced Jerden) - former Auburn football coach

- Quinn Early - Iowa wr from the 80s

- Major Ogilvie - Alabama rb from the 70s

rstiles said...

Michigan is getting a QB next year whose name is Shavondrick Beaver

Anonymous said...

That Majestic Mapp kid at UVA had a brother who's name was....and I'm not kidding:

Scientific Mapp

Oddly enough, he wasn't much of an athlete

Todd said...

Lucious Pusey - LB, Eastern Illinois.

Has since changed his surname to Seymour. Why?

Todd said...

Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje - C, Georgetown

Anonymous said...

I always liked Steve Schnur -- Northwestern QB.

The Big Picture said...

Some GREAT ones, guys. Another couple we really like:

-Pokey Reese
-Scoonie Penn

Anonymous said...

jerametrius butler


David James Lozo, DDS said...

Rusty Kuntz was always my favorite.

For women, Misty Beaver and Misty Hyman are the tops.

NFL Adam said...

Max Power

Matt said...

Elvis Peacock-Oklahoma RB if my memory serves me correctly.

Chuck Schick said...

Tito Fuentes; real name is Rigoberto Fuentes

Zarley Zalapsky

Smead Jolly (Chisox and Bosox, 30's)

Mark Lemongello

tenjay said...

helio castronieves just sounds cool
i also like butch huskey and wily mo pena.

george said...

I began reading the comments firm in my belief that God Shammgod was not just the best sports name ever, but possibly the best name ever period. With all due respect to Shavondrick Beaver, a worthy contender indeed, I remain unswayed in this conviction.

Anonymous said...

Jarko Ruutu. You couldn't make up a better hockey name. The custodian at my high school gym was named Golden Day. Always sounded like a scented douche.

Chuck Schick said...

Jeff Beukaboom

Anonymous said...

Sport appropriate names

Race Car drivers
Scott Speed
Scott Goodyear

Baseball pitcher
Bob Walk

Jeff Freizen

Amy said...

Jeff Beukaboom

Host PPH said...

You are quite right those are awesome names that a athletes can have.