Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Mets might want to reconsider firing Willie Randolph

Jerry Manuel took over managerial duties for the Mets last week and things haven't exactly gotten off to a warm-and-fuzzy start.

After six games, Manuel is 3-3 and has dropped the last two to the woeful Mariners. In the first of those, the Mets surrendered a grand slam to the freaking pitcher, and yesterday they were bombed 11-0. R.A. Dickey started for the Mariners. The Mets couldn't score a run off of R.A. Dickey.

Manuel's managing hasn't impressed so far, but, from the sound of things, he'd be great in the garden.
Asked how the struggling [Aaron] Heilman was holding up under constant booing at Shea this year, Manuel said: "It's very, very fertile ground for growth in Shea Stadium. It's fertile ground for a team's growth and development. Sometimes, fertile ground has fertilizer."
Fuckin' poetry, man. Yes, fertile ground sometimes does have fertilizer. Like we said, GREAT in the garden.

And then there's this:
After Reyes threw a helmet-throwing tantrum last Tuesday night in Manuel's debut when Manuel pulled him in the first inning with a tight hamstring, Manuel jokingly threatened to knife Reyes if it happened again.

"I told him the next time he does that, I'm going to get my blade out and cut him right on the field," Manuel said. "I'm a gangster."

Gangster. Yep, couldn't have said it better ourselves.


GMoney said...

Has a team ever fired two managers in one season? Because it looks like we're a week and a half away from seeing that.

Bokolis said...

The way it went down is typical of how mickey mouse that organization is. Ever since Wilpon started having a say, they've fucked up left and right. Go back to trading Kevin Mitchell (the first move with Wilpon's stamp) and Dykstra, only to pick up a couple of douches like Bonilla and Vince Coleman a few years later...letting the team go to shit...alienating Rickey over a million (or so) dollars and trading Melvin Mora for Mike Bordick ruined that 2000 team (even though they made it to the Series, they never had a chance), R. Alomar (remember Alomar and Cedeno fighting in the dugout over who was better looking), Burnitz (even though he gave full effort, the first go-around taught them nothing), Mo (Cheeseburger) Vaughn, resulting in the paralyzing neurosis that prevented them from signing Vlad, then signing Beltran for double the price. Trading Kazmir for Victor Zambrano. Jeff "I got this" Wilpon pulling rank to sign Kaz (torn asshole) Matsui. Signing Reyes to a shit deal (Castillo makes about the same) and thinking they got over. Since Wilpon has had a say (and up until Reyes and Wright), the best homegrown player had been Edgardo Alfonzo...that's over a ~20-year span...that's as damning as it gets.