Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The slipper still fits! The slipper still fits!

Yesterday, in the best tournament no one's talking about it, No. 4 Fresno State, the equivalent of a 13-seed in that little March Madness thing, made the College World Series after knocking off Arizona State, a 1-seed (!), 12-9 in the decisive game of the best-of-three Super Regional.

The World Series is the Final Four of college baseball. There's a 13-seed in the Final Four!

Take that, George Mason!


rstiles said...

I love the College World Series....

I'm pulling for Rice!!!

GMoney said...

It always feels like the pitching sucks and the games take 4 hours to play. I can't get into the World Series.

Easy $ said...

I could just sit and listen to the World Series. There is no sound like that!


Anonymous said...

Zzzzzz...wake me up when actual college sports are on (ie. football and/or basketball)

NFL Adam said...

ASU is a huge rival of Cal State Fullerton. Pat Murphy rigged his regional (he's on the selection committee) so that he didn't have to face Fullerton, sending Stanford there instead.

Turns out that wasn't a great idea.

Go Bulldogs.