Wednesday, June 11, 2008

And the next Mayor of Deadspinville is...

Deadspin is the sports blog of sports blogs and always will be, but it's been difficult to read for a long time now. After the redesign, which Leitch openly admitted to disliking, we've probably read, in its entirety, only 1-3 posts per day.

Lozo put together a nice list of things he'd change if he were "Mayor" of Deadspin, which is a far more accurate title than "Editor."

It'll be interesting to see what direction the Gawker folks go in making the hire, but we can't imagine the site will get better than it was in the early days.


Speaking of the new "Mayor," we see just one guy who could carry on the site as successfully as Leitch: MJD.

The guy is the best Web writer on the, ugh, Web and is mind-fuckingly funny.

A few bloggers have put out odds on who the next "Editor" or "Mayor" or whatever will be. Maybe it should be an election and not a job application. We would endorse MJD. Or write in ourselves. But we don't think of ourselves as an "Editor," so that wouldn't really work.

If we had to rank the likely candidates, here's how we'd go:

1. MJD
2. Lozo (don't think he's actually interested)
3. Big Daddy Drew



We played this game in our last Ramblings post, but it was so mind-fuckingly (great new term, yes?) fun, we'll play again, but with a new person.

To sleep with Allison Stokke -- one night, no strings attached, no anal -- how far would you go? Would you...

-Give up red meat for a year?
-Lose (without pain) your left small toe?
-Go to work naked?
-Not have any other sex the rest of the year?
-Watch an entire hockey game?
-Admit to liking Jack Black?


Anyone see that new Adam Sandler train wreck? If "Click" didn't put a hiccup in his movie career, this one surely will.


Saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said, "I love my kids."

Way to go out on a limb on that one. We don't imagine you would drive around with a bumper sticker that said, "I beat my child," or "I thought about flushing my baby down the toilet at Prom."

But "I love my kids"? OK, whatever. Beats the "My child is an Honor Student" bullshit.


Sports. Let's talk about sports.

College World Series. Love it! We're rooting for Fresno St. at this point, obviously, but we think Rice and Miami are the teams to beat.

NBA Finals? Could care less. Two days between games in the same location is absolutely outrageous, but getting into that would be like beating Barbaro or Eight Belles. (Hey-O! Zing! (That, by the way, is our third -- and certainly not last -- time making that joke)).


A double parenthesis is strange and probably grammatically incorrect.


The Bachelor or any of those other dating shows would be far better if they were on Cinemax at midnight.


Not a lot of gratuitous T&A lately, so enjoy Whack-It Wednesday with the lovely Jennifer.


rstiles said...

I ain't getting shit once again I would say "No Sex for 1 Year" in order to nail Allison Stokke...

Double parenthesis is a no-no....I think you have to use brackets or some shit...

GMoney said...

Big Daddy Drew gets my vote only because his Jambaroo column is the best thing on the net.

I'm going to be awesome here for a moment. You "couldn't' care less about the NBA Finals. If you could care less then why should I care at all??? Think about it...

Bokolis said...

Have you seen more recent pictures of Stokke? She's chubbed up a little (that's one way to keep yourself off the Internet). At this point, she's only worth a hockey game and a Jack Black vehicle. I can't spare the toe, homie. I need it for shit.

Good thing for Sandler that I wasn't consulted when people were deciding that he was funny.

I've never watched this show for more than two minutes at a clip, but I'm waiting for the Bachelor Uncensored to come out on PPV or DVD. It would be interesting to see, with a ring possibly in play just what type of (and how much) bullshit these guys have to sling to bag one these broads.

JMC said...

to nail Stokke in her prime I would probably... give up sex for a year. or cut off a toe. Fuck pretty much anything.

Rebecca said...

Big Daddy Drew is too fugly for Deadspin. He looks too much like Corky from "Life Goes On." And don't get me started on that fat slob Jack Kogod. Jesus, those guys should've stayed anonymous, definitely not camera friendly mugs.

Dave Lozo said...

jesus. i really hope rebecca doesn't track down my facebook page.

TP said...

I've never found Big Daddy Drew funny once, I cannot understand his allure.

NFL Adam said...

What about Rank? Come, jerk, give some love.