Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Things really aren't going well for Richie Sexson

We knew things were bad for Seattle first baseman/strikeout guru Richie Sexson, but we had no idea they were this bad. Seems Manager John McLaren left Sexson on the bench in the bottom of the ninth inning of a 7-5 game against Detroit on Sunday with a runner at first and two outs. Instead he let -- wait for it -- Miguel Cairo hit.

Some other notes about the decision:

-Sexson is a career .455 (5-11) hitter against Detroit closer Todd Jones. Three of those hits are home runs.

-Cairo hasn't homered since July, 28, 2005

Cairo flew weakly to center to end the game. Uggh, yeah. But good to know Miguel Cairo's still in the league.


GMoney said...

Miggy is the best.

JMC said...

boy am I glad the Giants never traded for this clown.