Monday, June 09, 2008

Barbaro: 'Way to go, Dickhead'

You fuck.

You blew this for all of us, Big Brown. Or should I call you Big Frown. Or Big LetDown. Or Big Clown. Or BigFuckingAsshole.

I don't want to hear about quarter-cracks and 93-degree heat. You had the chance to be something. Something special. I had the chance to be something, then I fucked up my leg. I didn't even get to run in the Belmont...a mile and a half is nothing unless it's my cock, which is a mile and half -- Eight Belles loves it!

It's been 30 years! Now you'll be compared to Smarty Jones instead of Secretariat. You think you're all cool with that white spot. Just you wait. When you get up here with me and 'Belles I'll give you a white spot on your upper lip.

You had the hopes of millions of people on your shoulders, and you couldn't handle the pressure, could you? You thought you didn't have to try too hard. You thought you had it wrapped up before the race began. You thought you couldn't lose. Well, you know what? You blew it. Motherfucking blew it. We all wanted to see a Triple Crown winner, even if it had to be a little bitch like you. But you couldn't come through for us. Loser.

Well, have a good life. Good luck with your ankles. Try not to fuck up so bad again.

Oh, and Fed Ex is the shit. Pussy.


GMoney said...

Barbaro has some serious issues.

JMC said...

Fuck! I can't believe Big Brown lost. That fucking sucked!

Anonymous said...

Everytime I hear "Big Brown," I get the urge to pinch a loaf.

rstiles said...

Compared to Smarty Jones??? least Smarty Jones tried to win...Big Brown freakin quit!!!

Big Brown was like, "Fuck this heat and humidity. This is too long of a race. I'm done."

GMoney said...

Big Brown = some weird equine combo of Vince Carter and Rasheed Wallace