Wednesday, June 04, 2008

B.J. Novak goes to bars

Crazy, we know. But we just happened to be at the same Seattle bar as The Office actor, writer and producer, last week.

Nothing much happened. He walked in, we walked up, told him we liked the show, then we left together and rented a motel by the hour.

Really though, we just did it in the bathroom.

Really though, we just sorta looked at him and said to our friends, "Oh, there's Ryan from The Office. Wonder if he reads Michael Schur's blog."

Novak, who looks unbelievably the same as he does in that picture except with a drink instead of a microphone, got many free drinks and had plenty of four-Long Island girls hit on him.

Not sure if that says something about the women in Seattle or the women who watch a sophisticated, comedic television show. Probably both.


GMoney said...

He doesn't still have that queer beard, does he? Cousin Mose would kick his ass.

Anonymous said...

what bar?

Gonzo said...

Perhaps they thought it was Ryan Howard the baseball player?

The Big Picture said...

red door in fremont