Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Which is uglier?

We're starting a new segment at The Big Picture. Or maybe not a segment but just a question we'll ask occasionally. It's called "Which is Uglier" and compares two things that are pretty ugly. It's like the reverse of "Would you do...?" So enjoy.

The other night, Randy Johnson struck out nine Giants to give him 4,672 strikeouts in his 20-year career. This is the same exact number that Roger Clemens has. They are tied for second behind the incomparable Nolan Ryan. Tonight he's going to go out and, assuming he records a strikeout, pass Roger. Which naturally brings up the following question:

Which is uglier, the end of Roger's career, or Randy Johnson?

The case for Roger's career:

Roger was a fantastic pitcher for a long time. Has some rings, a shit load of strikeouts, Cy Youngs, All-Star games, you name it. At the end of his career Roger kinda lost it. He was still a good pitcher, but only would throw half a season. He went back to the Yankees and had that weird appearance to announce it from the owner's box. And then steroids happened. Now Roger looks like a cheater both on the mound and in the bedroom. No team wants to touch him with a 50-foot syringe, and he's embroiled in a bunch of legal battles. He still denies all the PEDs accusations, and he might end up in jail for perjury. All in all, ugly.

The case for Randy Johnson:

Whoa! Mullet, mustache, weird soul patch thing, bizarre angular features. This guy is a train wreck. And this was when he was younger and less pock marked and wrinkly.

Now it's up to you to decide. Are you going with one of the biggest falls from grace, or a tall lanky, horse face? Make your arguments in the comments.
Which is Uglier...?
The end of Clemens' career
Randy Johnson
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rstiles said...

The Unit is an ugly muther...especially in his younger days with that long ass hair...

But Roger Clemens career is a trainwreck...that arrogant ass ruined himself that even the U.S. Olympic team does not want him around...

JMC said...

I gotta go with Randy Johnson here, I mean, look at that guy!

GMoney said...

I'm going with Clemens. Unit can't help his ugliness due to his strong white trash roots.

Dr. Dawg said...

Randy Johnson, but mainly for the following: He's 6'10 and a former Mariner.

NFL Adam said...


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