Monday, June 16, 2008

Tim Lincecum will be your NL All-Star Game starter

We're both clairvoyant and optimistic, but Tim Lincecum -- who should probably be our favorite player in the history of sport (he went to Washington and now plays for the Giants! That's like so us!) -- is the best pitcher in the history of pitching and over-hand throwing and will start for the National League in next month's All-Star game.

The argument for Lincecum: He's 8-1, has a 1.99 ERA and is second in the league in strikeouts with 92. Wears cool glasses.

The argument against Lincecum: None. He's the best player to ever play. He could start in centerfield if he wanted.

The actual argument against Lincecum: Edinson Volquez. The Reds' youngster is 9-2 with a 1.64 ERA and leads the league with 105 strikeouts.

Um, Volquez is better than Lincecum in just about every category. Hmm. But he didn't go to Washington. Or play for the San Francisco Giants. You lose, Bitch.

So there. Tim Lincecum, NL Cy Young. Or All-Star starting pitcher. Whatever.


Anonymous said...

Uh, what time zone are you in? It's still only June 15... Tim Lincecum is hot though and the whole Washington thing... big time. I'd tap that. Put him in 'would you do'.

Oooh, there's a good one: Would you do, UW athletics alumni.

GMoney said...

Lickcum is good but you're forgetting about Cy Sinker down in Phoenix as the all-star starter.

Bokolis said...

Is that what you really want? Two words: Atlee Hammaker.

The Beautiful Game said...

he was in my fig at uw! ha!

(btw, this comment comes from israel)