Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Best: MLB hat

Welcome to "The Best," a new series from the people who brought you "Would You Do," "Blogger Interviews" and "What Really Grinds My Gears."

It's just what it sounds like: what's the best ______? "Best" is such a subjective word and that's really the point -- let's get you guys talking! If this works, there will be intelligent, thoughtful debate on the day's topic. And if it doesn't work, well, back to the drawing board.

During our childhood we had a monthly date with our dad at Montgomery Ward. We weren't there for socks or patio furniture (though we do love a nice pair of white socks; patio furniture, on the other hand, we find very uncomfortable). Rather, we were there for their awesome selection of baseball hats.

Our selection process was easy: choose the coolest-looking hat they had in stock. For a while we rocked a Cleveland hat and then that navy-blue St. Louis hat. There was a Kansas City hat in there at some point too.

Now, the only hat we wear is a San Francisco one, but we still enjoy the MLB hat as the most distinguishable aspect of a team's uniform.

The best MLB hat? Some things to take into consideration:

-Logo vs. city initials (we prefer the latter)
-Single-tone vs. two-tone (do you like the brim being a different color than the body?)
-Overall look of it (we love intertwined letters)

This is a toughy, but here goes: The best current MLB hats (though the old Expos hat was awesome!) ...

4. Detroit
2. St. Louis

Your turn.


Anonymous said...

Alway liked the Twins lid.

Can we do a throwback post? I love the old trident M's hat, and the old brown, yellow and white Padres hat.

Mark said...

Yeah, the Twins hat with the TC logo.

rstiles said...

For years I always thought the old Expo hat said "elb"...

rstiles said...

Here are my top 5
1. Yankees - the most recognizable hat in the world
2. Pirates - (all black with yellow P)simple, clean, and clear
3. Cubs - (all blue with red C)
4. Tigers - Old English rules
5. Dodgers - another classic
5. Giants - another classic II

Anonymous said...

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GMoney said...

The Senators/Nationals red hat is sick.

Anonymous said...

Cinci Reds all the way!!

Bokolis said...

I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a cap while I still have a full head of hair...but

2. Reds
1. Tigers

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the Twins home "TC" hat and I also like the Cardinals "Sunday hat" - the dark cap, red brim and cardinal logo on it.

Anonymous said...

The A's - We live in a MLB era dominated by blues, blacks, and reds. The A's lid (and uniform) is a freshing change of pace.

Anonymous said...

Watch a Brewers home game on a Friday night to see the best hat.

The old school MB in the shape of a baseball glove is classic

Anonymous said...

the brewers retro cap.... best ever. the ball in glove logo with the m.b. initials was genius

Anonymous said...

Pirates painters cap from the 70's.

Anonymous said...

The Royals have a great hat. Of course, the team is not as old as those mentioned, but it hasn't changed much. Always white lettering on blue, always had the city initials, and looks the same today as it did in the past.

Anonymous said...

Nice job. I would probably rank them:

1. Yankees
2. Tigers
3. Cardinals
4. Pirates
5. Reds

... but the Dodgers, Giants, and Red Sox have an honorable mention.

Anonymous said...

The Phillies hat rocks

Anonymous said...

It's hard for me to rank current hats just because they are all so similar.

But for throwbacks it's all about the aforementioned Brew Crew lid, the Reds baseball with a mustache and hat, and the 70's Orioles hat with the cartoon bird logo, white front panel and orange brim.

J said...

Ok here are my least favorite, in no particular order:

Twins, Blue Jays, Rangers, Milwaukee (current), Rockies

Anonymous said...

I like the new Solid Blue Braves alternate road cap. It has a classic look.

Anonymous said...

The White Sox have the best lid in the majors.

Other good ones:
The old school Baltimore hat with the cartoon bird head
The old Brewers hat with the glove
Nationals lid is nice

Worst hat in baseball:
Cubs (just seeing "Cubbie blue" makes me cringe)

Jason Marz said...

Old Brewers
Twins (TC)

Anonymous said...

its gotta be the twins. its recognizable and classy.

Anonymous said...

1. Tigers
2. Twins (TC)
3. Pirates
4. Dodgers
5. Red Sox
6. A's

A few older hats worth mention:

Astros (H inside star) hat
White Sox "Sox" hat (the red and white ones in the early 70's were cool too)

Anonymous said...

Easy answer, for best hat I go with the Life Lock hat.

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Seriously Zach, what is up w/ these ads in the comments section?

I mean I know you have to pay bills and all...

Oh yeah, NY Mets is the second best hat, just the blue and orange, it's sick.

Anonymous said...

Atlanta's hat looks like something from the Little League--right up there with the Chief and Chop

Anonymous said...

how about the 70s era Pirate's hat--the round job with the stripes--not to mention Stargell's little merit badges

Anonymous said...

1. Brewers glove logo lid
2. 70s Pirates painters cap
3. Diamondbacks red cap

Anonymous said...

Chris, you're a douche.

THN said...

I love the old Expos hat. But for my money, I will take the old school Angels hat from the 1970s. So here's my list:

5. Pirates stove top.
4. Brewers mit hat.
3. Twins TC logo.
2. Angels 1970s.
1. Expos

BTW, did anybody like the American flag hats on the fourth? Those were pretty cool.

rvb1977 said...

Still an old school Milwaukee Brewers hat fan. Had the M and the B and the logo (the MB made a glove with a ball). Not sure why they got rid of it.

Unknown said...

1. Mets (all black/orange outline)
2. Reds (all red)
3. Twins (TC logo and M logo)
4. Indians (navy-indian head)

5. Mariners (1995 sunday teal cap)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Here are my Top 6:

1. Astros
2. New Red Sox
3. White Sox
4. Pirates
5. Cardinals Sunday cap
6. Rockies

Anonymous said...

This is how I would rank my top 5:

1.New York Mets
2.St. Louis Cardinals
3.New York Yankees?(BOSTON FAN)
4.Boston Red Sox
5.Los Angels Dogers

MattyMcD said...

Twins TC logo is out. They are not the "Twin City Twins" any more. They changed their name to the Minnesota Twins. Call me a purist, but Minnesota does not begin with a T or a C. It's a great hat, but should not be worn anymore. Do the Nationals wear the M hat worn by the Expos?

Unknown said...

1. Yankees
2. Blue Jays (with the old school logo)
3. Rockies (black base purple brim)
4. Cardinals
5. Reds (red base black brim)

Anonymous said...

Im going to go out of the crowd because you gotta love the Florida Marlins lid and to top it off they should put the silver bill on the cap that would be perfect.

Tom said...

Athletics hat: Gold brim
Dodgers Hat: That blue and white mix is so sick
Pirates: Gold Brim
Seatle Hat: dirty colors
Twins Hat: only with the TC (my nickname is TC so...)

Anonymous said...

Indians or cardinals.
Prefer to have a picture rather than a letter(s)

Anonymous said...

1. Red Yellow and Black Pirates Hat
2. Oakland Athletics Yellow Brim
3. Original Yankees Hat
4. LA Dodgers Hat
5. Old School Orioles Hat

Anonymous said...

mine would be:
5)arizona old school purple

Unknown said...

well i tend to usually try and buy the hats that are uncommonly seen. so far i think my favorites have to be...

-The marlins

-the black d-backs

-black mets wih blue brim

-A's... probably my #1. nobody else has anapostraphe. and i mean the one with the white A anf yellow brim.

-Black rockies

-Tampa bay rays (new)

Unknown said...

1 Yankees hat is so original and sweet
2 Retro Brewers hat is a nice touch
3 Mets hat is just so right because of the colors
4 DiamondBacks hat new and retro
5 Indians still classic

30 Boston Red Sox hats are terrible and are so boring(YANKEES FAN!)

Anonymous said...

Mets blue and orange
or LA Dodgers

Anonymous said...

1. Cardinals
2. Giants
3. Reds
4. Mariners
5. Diamondbacks(snake logo)
7.Indians(Blue with Indian head)
8.Royals(Blue and white just like dodgers, underrated)
10.Braves(alternate with tomahawk)

Anonymous said...

Washington has a great looking hat. The white curly 'W' has a small navy blue border which gives the W a slight blue glow.

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Anonymous said...

my top 5

1. Baltimore O's hat
2.cleveland's C hat
3.Oakland A's yellow brim
4.Toronto's old hat
5.Colorado's CR

Anonymous said...

my worst 5

1. Boston's ugly B
2. New york Yankees stupid logo
3. Houston's star
4. Seatle, enough said
5. Detroit, also enough said.

Anonymous said...

classic stuff
Mets blue & orange
Athletics green & yellow
Cardinals red
NY/SF Giants black & orange
Tigers navy & orange, navy & white
Yankees, grey away from a long time ago
Brooklyn Dodgers blue & white 50s style
Atlanta red bill & blue cap
Washington script W

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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