Tuesday, October 07, 2008

You -- yeah, you -- can play quarterback for Washington State

High school football hero? Wanna impress that Tri-Delt you've been trying to nail? Feel the need to prove yourself to your militaristic father who's still pissed you chose choir over football in high school?

We got the answer for you: Try out to be the Washington State backup quarterback!
The need to cull a quarterback from the nearly 25,000 students became urgent because WSU lost starters Gary Rogers and Kevin Lopina to injury. Redshirt freshman Marshall Lobbestael, who began the season third on the depth chart, has started the past two games, and freshman J.T. Levenseller and redshirt freshman Dan Wagner are listed as backups.
It's good that first-year Cougs coach Paul Wulff is attributing the need to find a backup QB to multiple injuries opposed to, say, a 1-4 record with losses of 66-3 and 63-14.

Denial, they say, is the first step.


Anonymous said...

yeah I'd think about trying out, but I mean, fuck the Cougs

GMoney said...

I think Charlie Frye is available.

Anonymous said...

Maybe UW should win a game BEFORE they make fun of WSU? Nah.