Thursday, October 16, 2008

Giants fans celebrate Dodgers losing

The SBNation Giants Blog McCovey Chronicles is one of the most popular and busy blogs on the SBNation network. And last night the "McCoven" as they refer to themselves were brought together by one thing: The Dodgers losing. The celebration on McCC far overshadowed what was seen on the Phillies Blog, The Good Phight.

Looking at these blogs it's astonishing to see that more Giants fans were participating in the Gameday thread on McCC than Dodgers fans were on True Blue LA. Looking closer we see that True Blue LA gets a lot less traffic than McCC. For instance, McCC's recent fanposts include 10 from the last 2 days. True Blue LA's 10 most recent fanposts date back an entire month.

But what's really striking is the aftermath of the Phillies clinching the NLCS victory last night. The gameday thread on True Blue LA picks up here, with the best comment:

Now we just have to worry about the disasters Colletti cooks up this off-season.

The Good Phight celebration starts here, and is pretty subdued. But over on McCC the game ends and the party begins, people going crazy, throwing up images, you can practically hear these people sitting in their mothers basements yelling and popping bottles of bubbly. They even started a separate post game celebration thread. Ok I confess, I was one of them. BEAT LA!! BEAT LA!!

So what does this teach us? Giants fans care more about the Dodgers losing than Dodgers fans.


Mr. Cheekz said...

The gifs on that post made my entire day. Thanks for sharing

JMC said...

yeah I figured that should be shared. there are some great ones. For the record, the dancing peanuts character is always posted in the gameday thread when the giants win.

IVSPORT said...

I am one of the many die-hard Giants fans that was on the Philly bandwagon as soon as they matched up against the dreaded Dodgers.

Now that I'm a Phillies fan, I'm also investing in their players. Ryan Howard is trading on It's like a sports stock market. RHOW has been issued as an Inital Player Offering so he is already trading at higher prices but you can still get in on the ground floor when studs like Chase Utley, Cole Hamels, Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino are issued as IPOs.

Anonymous said...

it should be noted that true blue gla, while a fine blog is certainly not an upper tier dodger blog as far as traffic and especially comment traffic goes.

check out dodger thoughts.

and yes...ned colletti is an idiot.