Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm in the Times!

Or more accurately, I'm on a New York Times blog. Along with a lot of other bloggers. Ok I'm not special at all but I figured I might as well pretend I am. Each week the NYT blog "The Fifth Down" asks for guest bloggers to write 100 words about the upcoming Jets and Giants games. Since the Niners are coming to town, I wrote one of the entries about the Niners-Giants game. I'm known there as "WJackalope."

Many thanks to Fooch over at Niners Nation for getting the word out and giving us a chance to participate.


rstiles said...


You are DA MAN!

The Big Picture said...

that's great, J, but, ugh, would it have killed you to put down a TBP reference???

JMC said...

yeah my bad - I just wrote the "intro" to myself without thinking about it, figuring it would end up getting changed later... oops.

Anonymous said...

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