Thursday, October 02, 2008

ESPN's journalistic integrity continues to skyrocket

Did you know that over on the Worldwide Leader they have a new blog? By Lil Wayne? That's right, a blog about sports by a musician. Actually, according to ESPN he's a "mega rapper." Well I guess he's got just as many credentials to blog about sports as I do... but I'm not on ESPN. Anyway, in his latest entry he throws out this little gem:
"Like, Brett Farve? Come on. He's like 3900 years old and he threw for six touchdowns?"
Now that's analysis.


Anonymous said...

Not to be a dick and point it out if not, but I gotta know... did he spell Favre wrong and everything?

JMC said...

oh wow i just noticed that. I copied it directly from the article so it must have been spelled wrong. it's fixed now though.

buy assignment said...

Lyl Wayne?? Ha...another POSER!! only 2PAC was true man!