Thursday, October 23, 2008

And starting at outside linebacker, Lindsey from Delta Gamma

Mike Leach, who has built an offensive juggernaut at Texas Tech with his innovative spread and pass-happy offense, hasn't exactly been able to get a stud kicker to Lubbock.

So, fuck it, let's bring in the halftime entertainment to kick.
Having already gone through two kickers -- who have combined to miss six PATs and half of their field-goal attempts -- the sixth-ranked Red Raiders are now seriously considering giving Matt Williams a shot against No. 18 Kansas this weekend.

Williams is a Tarleton State transfer student who won a month of free rent at the Tech/UMass game several weeks ago by kicking a 30-yard field goal. After his successful try, Williams was walking back to his seat when he was flagged down.
Those extra points won't make themselves, dammit.

Texas Tech is ranked No. 6 and is 7-0, which is good. The Red Raiders opponents' combined record is 22-28 and none have better than a 4-3 record, which isn't good. TTU's next four opponents (Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma) are all ranked, which is also not good. Our guess -- pure speculation -- is that Texas Tech will not win very many more games and will end up in something like the Alamo Bowl.

But at least the Raiders will start making their field goals!


rstiles said...

This is a great story, especially if this kid could be a difference maker

Bokolis said...

That's some Forrest Gump shit right there. For fuck's sake! I've got eligiblity left and I can still kick a 40-yarder. Yee-haw!! College poon, here I come!

John Madden was right when he said that everybody thinks they can kick field goals.

Lucky fucker! Let's see how he does when some big, gimme-yo-cornbread-fool muthafuckas are coming after him.

JMC said...

can't they just poach someone off the soccer team or something?

GMoney said...

Or they could get Kathy Ireland to kick for them. Maybe get Sinbad to anchor their line???

Anonymous said...

we wouldn't hear the end of this story if it took place in aggy land (i.e. 12th man).

thank god.