Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The NBA started last night? Who knew?

Tuesday was the beginning of the NBA season Pt. 1 (Pt. 2 runs from April to June and it's also known as the playoffs you non-inferring assholes).

Usually there's excitement about the start of the new season. Opening Day in baseball is a national holiday, the beginning of football signifies the end of summer and the start of the best sports season of the year and the beginning of hockey, yeah, hockey... Ice. Pucks. Sticks. Great American sport. Truly is.

While we constantly rip on the NBA and would rather be subjected to hundreds of paper cuts than sit through an entire game, people, yes, real people, do, in fact, like professional basketball. (If you can find all the appositives in that last sentence, reward yourself with a cookie from the cookie jar).

So why isn't the start of the NBA season a big deal?

-It's not that it's only one of many games. See baseball to contradict that argument.
-It's not that there aren't a plethora of stars.
-It's not the cheerleaders. They are extremely plug-able.
-It's not that there aren't some good games on Opening Night. Boston vs. Cleveland and Portland vs. the Lakers are both decent games on paper.

Is it bad marketing? Did the MLB gurus pound the idea in Americans' heads that Opening Day is an event?

Or, perhaps you're with us, in that the NBA is a flawed, boring, terrible, awful, shitty league that molests little children.

Your speculation in the comments, please.


Anonymous said...

more white boys in the nba please. i need to see white boys play. im tired of these tattoed jiggaboo white girl dating black athletes.

JMC said...

I think maybe it has to do with the fact that there's so much going on right now - I mean, for these few days right now all 4 major sports are in season. When baseball season starts you've got a little time where there's just nothing happening. Ok there was march madness and the NBA is still going, but for me, there's been a long dark period after football ends and before baseball begins, so when that ends it's a big deal.

GMoney said...

Why do you hate the NBA, Zach? I've got two words for you...

Clay. Bennett.


Chocolate. Skittles.

Anonymous said...

I agree with jmc, but I just can't watch entire NBA games. I was pleasantly surprised to find sports (NBA) on when I got home late last night, but I waited until mid-way thru the 4th before watching it.

I used to have the same argument with my roommate last year, who was a big NBA fan (he was a senior in college and had D-Wade and Agent Zero posters in his bedroom).

NBA games are useless to watch from the beginning. 15-point leads will go back and forth the entire game like its nothing, rendering the first 3 quarters useless.

Chris said...

Umm, I agree w/ you guys, a full NBA game is just about as exciting as watching a full NHL game. But things change come playoff time.

Playoff hockey and playoff basketball is totally watchable.

Anonymous said...

pro sports, in general, suck

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