Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We're up and running at Playboy U

We have a new partnership with Maybe we told you. Maybe we didn't. Maybe fuck your mother.

We'll be writing for them a minimum of three times a week, doing things all college football. Come check it out. It'll be 100% new material, except for interviews with Playmates, which we might run here, too, so you can masturbate to two different sites.

You can read our intro post here and our first real post here. (safe for work, in that there's no tit or bush, but there are some suggestive photos) should now be your one-stop-shop for college football insight, humor and poon. Lots of fucking poon!


JMC said...

congrats dude. As expected, blocked by the school district.

Chris said...

Congrats amigo.

Living the dream.