Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's a fire sale for Arkansas State gear

It's not necessarily the most popular school in the country, but shit, if you want some Arkansas State clothing it won't cost ya much.

Funny side note: Arkansas State's mascot is the Red Wolves, but the team's athletic site is Those pesky southerners always find a subtle way to poke fun at history. And it's hard to imagine why they changed the name to something more PC. It's not like the old logo, seen to your right, could possibly have been offensive...

Back on topic, a local store has a neat little promotion that, well, let's let them explain:
Hoppy Hoffman, who owns The Design Shoppe, which sells Arkansas State apparel, came up with a new promotion this season: 1 percent off after each home
football game for every point the Red Wolves win by.

Then Arkansas State won its home opener 83-10 on Saturday.

The discount is offered the Monday after each home game, and shoppers might never find cheaper prices than they did after Arkansas State scored more points in a game than any major college football team this decade against Texas Southern.

Combine 73 percent off with the fact that Arkansas State is 2-0 for the first time in 22 years, and business was booming Monday.
We're never one to pass on a good deal, even if it's 2224.81 miles away. (We looked it up. Mapquest gives us wood.)

Everything cost us $12.47.

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GMoney said...

Pussies, I'm proud to be a Redskins fan knowing that we will always be a proud and racist franchise.