Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mike and Mike. And Mike?

Didn't see much of the Broncos rout of the Raiders, which was probably a good thing because, jeez, Mike and Mike were calling the game? Ouch. Talk about ESPN's B team.

And to make things more mike-y, ESPN added Mike Ditka to the booth. Intentional? We have to believe so. Mike, Mike and Mike! M3! Some one got promoted over that one.

Speaking of Ditka, well, broadcasting probably isn't for him, as he puts a sentence together as well as a third-grader with a speech impediment. But perhaps ownership is in his future.

We saw the other day, and naturally commented, that the Bears probably shouldn't be owned by Virginia Halas McCaskey, who NFL Adam would do after two drinks. Ditka would be the quintessentially owner of the Bears, right? He is like Mr. Bear.

And what's a Ditka post without a nice little clip? Enjoy. And feel free to whack it to Virginia Halas McCaskey. Lord knows we might.


Bryan said...

she does have nice cans

GMoney said...

She's no Georgia Frontandrearie.

flohtingPoint said...

I couldnt say how bad Ditka was, I stopped watching after Russell had his blooper reel queue'd up and flopped the ball behind him after Dumervil (who is like 2 feet shorter and 30 lbs lighter) gave him a little bit of pressure.

Arnold Slick from Turtle Crick said...

Ditka is oh so doggone awful but he's better than dopus emeritus Lou Doltz on college gameday.

IVSPORT said...

I don't think I've watched MNF without it muted since before Dennis Miller was in the booth.

THN said...

Haha, nice one GMoney.

Too bad Farley's dead, that would have made a pretty good booth.