Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This is really funny! LOL! LMFAO!!!

Great find by SI.com's Campus Clicks Monday.

It's a website called Don't Fire Al Groh, but it's not some narrow-sighted, falsely-optimistic site how the Cavaliers should keep their coach. Instead, it's just a fake Facebook profile of the beleaguered Virginia coach.

When's Don't Fire Ty Willingham coming? (There already is Bye Bye Ty).

We haven't seen social-networking technology used this effectively since Joe Sport Fan's brilliant Mediaspace profiles.


JMC said...

yeah sadly I think it's time for Groh to Go. In the beginning it looked like he was gonna do some really good things for us but the magic has worn off. We suck. I mean... we lost to Duke.

Elmer Chubb said...

Groh = Kotite

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