Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An interview with Nina Reyes of Playboy's Girls of the Big 10 issue

As part of the gig at PlayboyU, we get access to Playmates, Cybergirls and, most recently, Girls of the Big 10. Access does not mean: in-person interviews, party invites or mouth sex. Access does mean: email contact, promotional photos and that's it. No mouth sex. Fuck.

Still, it was pretty cool getting to fire some questions at Selina "Nina" Reyes. She's a grad from the University of Illinois where she studied Media Studies and spent a lot of time being really hot. If you're in the Chicago area, you're likely to run into her dancing the night away. You can see more safe-for-work photos of her here.

1. For the record:

Name: Selina "Nina" Reyes
Age: 22
Occupation: College Graduate. I'm on the job search right now, but I have a few jobs/ internships to keep me busy!
Location: Chicago

2. You're in the new Girls of the Big 10 edition. Awesome! Tell us about the process. How'd you hear about the opportunity? What was the process like of being selected? How long did the shoot take?

I had previously modeled for a company called Tempe12 in Tempe, Ariz. I was Miss July for their Girls of the Big Ten calendar. Tempe12 contacted me about Playboy holding auditions for their Girls of the Big Ten issue, and I was sooo excited! I've always wanted to pose for Playboy, so I contacted Playboy on my campus and set up an audition.

The process was short and sweet. I filled out some paper work, then did some test shoots with the photographer David Rams -- who made the photo shoot extremely comfortable. Playboy told me right at my practice shoot that they wanted to use me for the issue!

Playboy then asked me about my interests, hobbies, etc. I told them that I enjoyed to kick box as a workout, so they found a martial arts gym with a boxing ring to hold my shoot in! The photo shoot was a lot of fun and only lasted about an hour to an hour and a half.

3. Now that you've been in Playboy, what's the reaction like now around town? Are you like a minor celebrity? More heads turning now?

I've always been a celebrity in town!!!! lol But now that more and more people -- especially guys -- know that I posed for Playboy, they react differently to me. They treat me like a total movie star! And some are even more intimidated to approach me than they were before!

I've always been a head turner, but now, guys are not only turning their heads, they are asking for my autograph! It's so funny!

4. Have any other modeling opportunities come up since you posed for the premiere men's magazine?

As a side job (even before posing for Playboy), I do a lot of promotional modeling. My most recent gig was an ad in the Chicago Scene Magazine for the new A:M energy cocktail.

I think since the issue just hit stands a week ago, it will take a while for more opportunities to come. I'm pretty optimistic about it though!!

5. Hypothetical situation (sort of). You're out a bar. You have like 20 guys approach you throughout the night:

a. Which ones will you let buy you a drink?

I will let guys who can make me laugh buy me a drink. If he can't make me laugh, then I don't want to be around him!

b. How do you let them know you're not interested?

When I'm not interested, I will signal my friends to snatch me away or simply thank him for the drink and walk away!

c. Which one are you going home with?

None!! lol But if I MUST choose, the one with the best sense of humor. A tall, dark,handsome, and intelligent guy with a good sense of humor preferably!! Oh yeah, and he has to know how to dance!!! I am a dance machine at night!! (This is probably IMPOSSIBLE to find!! )

6. Word around campus is that you're training for boxing. True story? What's the story behind that?

I'm not a hardcore boxer at all, but when I work out, I love to kickbox. It helps me release all of my stresses and frustrations!

7. Dream job? Go.

I graduated this year with a degree in Media Studies, so I plan on working at a huge PR firm one day. BUT my dream job is to open my own nightclub in Chicago! Chicago nightlife is amazing, but it has it's gaps! Plus, I think I would be the first woman to own a nightclub in Chicago!

8. It's Saturday night, 10 p.m. What are you doing?

Hmm...10 p.m. is still kind of early for me! But I'm usually getting ready for a girls night out! I've always had a "passion for fashion", so I make sure all of my night outfits are up to par!! lol.

9. You're stuck on a tropical island. You can have two people with you and three objects. Who and what are they?

I would have my best friend Sara and the guy I described in question 5c. As for three objects, I would have my CELL PHONE because I couldn't live without it, an iPod because I love music and dancing, and a boat for when I've just about had it on that island and I need to sail back home!!!

10. Quick hitters:

a. Favorite drink? Grey Goose/ Cranberry
b. Favorite sport to watch? It's a tie between baseball and basketball Go SOX!!!
c. Favorite sport to play? I LOVE playing hockey!! (not so good at it, but it's so much fun)
d. Favorite late-night food? Steak tacos with cilantro, onion, and that green hot sauce :)
e. Favorite position? I call it the scissor lol!
f. Granny panties or g-string? Boy shorts make my butt look the best, but g-string I guess...
g. ESPN or E!? E! I'm a celebrity gossip junkie!!
h. Jeans or sweats? My True Religion Jeans
i. Your preference: all natural or fake it? I prefer to be all natural as in NO plastic surgery. However, I AM such a girly girl when it comes to getting dolled up for a girls night out! I love my mascara and lip gloss!!


GMoney said...

She sounds vain. By vain, of course I mean, I am masturbating.

JMC said...

ok but what about the NSFW photos??

Bokolis said...

I'm going to get bounced from anything with "playboy" in the address.

Adam Landres-Schnur said...

Good interview!!!! LOL!!!!!

Diesel said...

If I see her out in Chicago I'm going to danza slap her, maybe she'll like that better than humor.

lolz omfg!!!11!! said...

Q: Favorite position?

A: I call it the scissor lol!
Scissor me timbers!

This girl is definitely a lesbian.

Anonymous said...

oh god she sounds so conceited, i have seen better. she sounds more like a valley girl,more of the cyndi lauper type. i think a woman should be sexy,classy and naughty looking all in one,not a boxer,that is more manly,but to each his own. she is from the chicago area i live close by her and see her often but i would never approach a self centered girl,good luck with her finding the right guy,not many will want her for herself just for what she will put out and she seems to be a gold digger type,i work too hard for my money to give a girl like that it. i am not one that respects these kind of girls,they have bad reputations,for me i'd go for a good girl,hot sexy and not showing all she has to the world,no respect for herself,just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

she has a pretty face but isn't all that to masturbate over. college graduate to pose nude,get a real job sweetie it's not worth exposing yourself to the world no class at all.

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Anonymous said...

her facebook profile pic, she still likes to flaunt some skin

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