Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Millen continues to help the 49ers

Matt Millen is a fucking terrible GM. Once again the Lions suck. And because they suck so bad they lost 31-13 to the 49ers, and they're now 0-3. So you could say that Millen, a former 49er, is still helping them by putting together another lousy team. He drafted a receiver in the first round like 12 years in a row. And yet Matt Millen still has a job. Even though the team's vice chairman wants to get rid of him.

We just want to remind you that Matt Millen was, once, good at something. And that something was football. OK, he wasn't that good, but he was a pro-bowler once. In fact, he's still pretty good... in Tecmo Super Bowl. So thanks Matt, for everything you've done.

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